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This piece is an experiment in creating an animation using only HTML. There is no JavaScript, CSS, or images involved.

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(Warning, it tends to flash/strobe a little if you're sensitive to that)

The frames consists of ascii art based on " The Horse in Motion " made by Eadweard Muybridge in 1878. Each frame is a separate HTML page. Animation between pages is done with `<meta http-equiv="refresh">` tags.

As of April, 2022, Safari and Firefox require whole seconds for the refresh. The first version on this pages is designed for them and refreshes at 1FPS. The Chrome version is set to refresh at 0.1sec. It runs at roughly 10fps on browsers that support it.

This site is the forth in a series of experiments inspired by this tweet from whitep4nth3r .

Links to the other sites are here

Here's the source code if you're interested.